Knights of the Zoroasters 1.25” Lapel Pin


1.25” color lapel pin to memorialize your membership in a totally fake organization.  We’re selling these pins for $5.00 each but for each one you purchase we’re donating $5.00 to the DeMoulin Museum. (How? Our shipping software will add a $5.00 shipping charge. Because they don’t weigh much that $5.00 makes us break even on cost and shipping as it’s really only a 1st class stamp as they’re under 1 oz. So with shipping you’ll pay $10.00, $5 goes to the non-profit museum and the other $5 covers the pin cost and shipping)

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The Sublime order of the Knights of the Zoroasters is a completely made up organization and degree. It was originally written in 1897 by J.P. Van Nest mocking the initiation ceremonies of fraternal groups like the Freemasons, Oddfellows, and Redmen. The DeMoulin Company marketed this degree in hopes that customers would also purchase their various contraptions and props designed to haze initiates. In 2020 the Masonic Lite Podcast team reworked some of the degree’s language and to feature some exhibits on display at the DeMoulin museum.

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