Pre-orders, what’s the deal?

This Masonic Scarves idea has been in my head for over a year and I finally got the nerve to act on it. I hired a brother, Chad McComsey of Mind Development and Design to build this site and to clean up my rough scarf designs. In October 2015 (1  month ago) I launched the site with 3 scarves and 2 bandanas. Sales are brisk and I couldn’t be happier. Well, except I have too many ideas in my head.

So.. I ordered three more scarves: Knights Templar, Ancient Order of Turtles, and Tall Cedars.

Then I agreed to do a custom order for the Daughters of Mokanna.

You see, the scarf factory likes to get paid and I get a better price if I buy the scarves in bulk. Therefore it is easy to get my money tied up in inventory. So the Pre-order concept was born.

The Knights Templar, Turtles, and Tall Cedars will be shipping out before 12/1/15. But your gift for waiting is a $5 discount on these scarves.

I’m also announcing we’re launching a Shriners Scarf which will ship out before 1/1/16 that you can preorder for $20 as well. Here is the concept art.

shriners scarf preorder