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Customers in Staffordshire UK

Please find enclosed photo of myself and my son aka WM of St John’s lodge 6320 and my lad Junior Deacon and almoner of same lodge in the province of Staffordshire UK Please feel free to use if you let us know so we can have a look and perhaps reference you on our lodge […]

Pre-orders, what’s the deal?

This Masonic Scarves idea has been in my head for over a year and I finally got the nerve to act on it. I hired a brother, Chad McComsey of Mind Development and Design to build this site and to clean up my rough scarf designs. In October 2015 (1  month ago) I launched the […]

Almost 1 Month Update

Wow! Thank you all so much for your orders.  Currently we have the Freemason, Grotto, and Scottish Rite scarves and a Masonic Bandanna that is available in either Navy or Black. On order we have 3 beautiful new designs including Knights Templar, Tall Cedars, and International Order of Turtles. Also we are wrapping up a […]

Future Scarf Ideas

Since I’ve started this new scarfmongering thing many people have said, “OOOH! You need to make a ______________ scarf!” and we’re going to make some of them happen. We are a very small business, i.e., me and my checkbook, so I can’t just mass produce tons of scarves but we do plan on rolling new […]

Thank You

Thank you for visiting Masonic Scarves. We hope to provide you with some new and unique accessories that aren’t just the “same old logos” affixed to the “same old items”. Our first three scarf offerings are a Blue & Yellow FREEMASON scarf, a camel & black SCOTTISH RITE scarf, and a red & black GROTTO […]

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